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Skilled counselors simplify and facilitate adoptions in Southern Louisiana

The adoption journey can be one filled with both joy and challenges. The right adoption lawyer can help you work through the many legal issues surrounding adoption and ensure you are fully prepared for the process. At C.J. Jenkins Law Firm, LLC in Baton Rouge, we help clients throughout Southern Louisiana grow their families through the legal adoption process. We are passionate about helping families who wish to adopt and helping biological parents who are interested in exploring placing their child for adoption. If adoption is one of your goals, you can trust our law firm to provide the skilled and compassionate legal support you need and deserve.

What are the different types of adoptions in Louisiana?

Every adoption involves a substantial amount of paperwork, legal filings and court appearances. But there are several different types of adoptions in Louisiana:

  • Agency adoption — When a child is in state custody or has been surrendered to an adoption agency, the biological parents have no say in the adoption process. Either the state or the agency makes all the decisions. Our firm works with these bodies on behalf of prospective adoptive parents. 
  • Private adoption — The adoptive and biological parents can negotiate the terms of the adoption through their attorneys and submit the agreement to the court for approval.
  • Intra family adoption — These are adoptions between family members, so many state adoption requirements may be relaxed. However, legal paperwork and court filings are still necessary to complete the process, including the official termination of the biological parents’ parental rights.
  • Open adoption — The biological parents may arrange to have continued updates on and contact with their child after the adoption takes place.
  • Closed adoption — A closed adoption involves the biological and adoptive families having no contact with each other. The adoptive parents also will have little information on the biological parents.

Adopting a child is a deeply personal decision for your family. Our law firm can help turn your dream of becoming a parent into a reality by providing effective legal advice and advocacy.

Why should you hire a dedicated adoption attorney?

Many general practice and family law firms state they can handle an adoption, but few actually have substantial experience successfully navigating clients through this complex process. Adoption combines high emotions with legal and procedural requirements, which isn’t always an ideal mix. Having a knowledgeable adoption attorney guide you ensures that no critical items or filing dates are missed, giving you the peace of mind you need so that you can focus on your child.

One of our law firm’s primary focuses is on Louisiana adoptions. We know the applicable laws, procedures and relevant authorities. Our attorneys also understand that complications are common in certain types of adoptions, and no matter what arises you can trust our firm to handle your legal matter with patience, skill and compassion.

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